What’s New in Omni Retail – 23rd June

Here we are again. Believe us, the upgrades brought in Omni Retail this time are going to revolutionize the way you do business. Running your business will no more feel life a task to you; it’l  be as basic as any other of your day-to-day activity. All of these upgrades are going to make not only you happy, but surely your customers too. Enough said, here’s what we have in store for you this time around:


Customer Credit
This is one on the MAJOR developments in Omni Retail, and we are quite proud to bring it to you. So the credit system works a lot like the traditional khata system that’s being used in local groceries store. You can now allow your select customers to shop at your store using the credit feature. So the customer can keep shopping at your store until the end of the credit period. At the end of the credit period assigned, the customer will be notified to clear his dues, only after which will he be able to use credit again. You can individually assign a credit period and a credit limit to each customer as per your discretion.

Delivery Boy
Now here’s another big thing that we are sure you’ve been waiting since long. Yes, you can now manage your home delivery orders in real time. Just add/edit your staff member as a delivery boy, and let him log into the Jd Delivery Boy mobile app; and you’re all set. You can now begin assigning deliveries to the delivery boy, and track the location of the delivery boy in real time. The delivery boy can update his status whenever he pick ups the order from the store, and delivers it to the customer; all of this will be updated in your Omni Retail system as and when it’s done. 

Online Payments
Imagine a customer has shopped at your store, but sadly forgot his wallet at home. Collecting payment in this case would be troublesome right? So the new Online Payment would help solve this. On selecting this mode of payment, an SMS will be sent to the customer with a payment link. The customer can visit this link and clear the payment online, using credit/debit card, net banking, or wallets. Once the payment is cleared from his end, only then will the payment be added to the Billing system. 

Quick Start
So we have lined up 5 new features in the Quick Start section. Three of these will enable you to add MRP, CP and SP for all products that do not have them. Opening individual product and updating their price is a thing in the past; it can all be done from one place. In addition, there’s also a section to edit quantity and prices of such products for which inventory has never been added. And lastly, there is a section to add global discount rules outlet-wise. These will be applied across all products from the outlets.
In short, you no more need to go and search for individual products to enter their inventory or prices. The Quick Start will sort all of this out in a jiffy.

Domain Name
The link to your webstore you receive on signing up looks something like www.shop.jdomni.com/storename . We understand that this takes you away from the personal touch that you would like to add to your webstore. In addition to the themes we provided in the previous updates, now you even get to choose the link of your webstore. If you already have an existing domain name, enter it in Omni Retail, and link it to your webstore. Don’t fret if you don’t own a domain name yet; buy one from us. Either ways, your webstore will now have URLs as per your wish.


  • We’ve revamped the Products section a bit too. For instance, if you’ve not already noticed it, there is a View Products section, and it’s way easier than the Manage Products we had previously right? It simply displays a list of all your products, differentiated by whether they are deleted or not. In addition, each product has a shortcut to directly manage the inventory.
  • There’s a Remove Product added to the landing page too. It basically helps you deactivate products from your Omni Retail system. You can either pause the sale for the required time period, or just delete the required products. And no, products are not permanently deleted from the system; you can very well restore them when required.
  • In addition to the provision to add images and categories for products missing them, the Add Missing Product Details now allows you to directly add purchase and sales taxes for all products that are missing either of them. Again, no need to worry and search individually for products; they will al be present in these sections.

Staff Member in Omni Retail App
The entire Staff Member module has now been added to the mobile app too. So from now on, you can add/delete staff members, and assign/remove access permissions for them. It works in the same way as it does in the web version.

Customer Verification
Recollect the ‘save card details’ option you receive while making any payments through Omni Retail? Or the ‘remember cvv number’ option you get with it? Till now this was available only to you, while paying through Omni Retail. Now, your customers can take advantage of this feature too. We’ve integrated it in your webstore(both app and website).

Inventory Import
You must already be quite acquainted with the Import functionality that exists in the Inventory module. Well it’s been tweaked a bit. This functionality is now only focused towards updating the quantity of your existing inventory. It will allow you to export a list of your existing inventory, and you can quickly update the quantity as per your requirement. This is going to go a long way to help you update mass quantities at one go. 

Printing Purchase Orders
Until now, you could only print Purchase Orders in the A4 format. On popular demand, we have introduced the 80mm receipt format too. The Settings button on the Purchase landing page will help you configure what type of printer you want to use. 

That’s all for this time. You’re still here? Get going! Go and explore these new updates if you haven’t already.

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