What’s New in Omni Retail – 11th August

So the previous version upgrade was all about simplifying the usage of Omni Retail. It was majorly centered on bringing all the main functions upfront to your fingertips for easier access, along with some new features. This time around, a lot of the focus has primarily been personalization. We have a number of upgrades that you will love, as they help you add your personal touch to your webstore, both on the website, as well as the mobile app. There are a number of features that can be customized, as far as your webstore is concerned.   Sit back and read on, to know what we’ve upgraded in Omni Retail.

Edit Product Details from Mobile Web / App: Consider this scenario where in you are going through your online store’s mobile app, and discover a product that needs to be edited. What would you have to do? Log into your Omni Retail account separately, and make the changes right? Well, now you won’t have to. You can log into your webstore’s mobile app, and edit product details then and there, on the fly. Changes made will immediately reflect on your webstore.

Tally Integration: We know a lot of you use Tally for your accounting, banking and taxation purposes. Exporting all your financial data from Omni Retail and manually entering each and every entry into Tally proved to be quite a tedious task. So we figured, why not integrate the two? And that’s how, the Omni Retail – Tally Integration was introduced. You can export all your purchase-supplier related data from Omni Retail, and import it directly into Tally using the Data Transfer Tool for Tally. Another step towards easing your life right?

Content Management System: If you have not already noticed, the upgrades we carry out every month mandatorily contain a feature to aid your personalization requirement. We understand how much you would love to personalize your webstore to attract your customers, and enhance their shopping experience. Having said that, allow us to introduce the Omni Retail CMS system. You can now add banner images to your website, and link them as required. Want a product to open when your customer clicks on the banner image? Or maybe open a specific category or web page? It’s all possible now. You can also add web pages to your webstore, and link your social networking profiles to them.

Customizable Product Categorization: Speaking about personalization, here’s one more thing to add to it. You can now choose to manually categorize your products as per your customer’s and your needs. You are free to create new categories and sub-categories, and display product accordingly on your webstore. Associate and display your products in whatever category you wish, however you wish. In case you don’t want to go through all the trouble and prefer it old school, we’ve got something there too. Leave the categorization to automatic, and Omni Retail will itself handle all of it. 

SMS Sender Name: While we provide you with so many functionalities to personalize your webstore, why should the SMS that are sent from your store be left out? Once glance at the sender name, and the customer should know that the SMS is from your store right? With regards to this, we have something for you. You can now choose your own SMS sender name, which will be used for all SMSs that are sent to your customers. These SMS will no longer go by Omni Retail’s name; just yours.

Multi Language Support: This one is a biggie. Omni Retail now supports and works in your regional language. Get more familiar with the system and use it to its maximum potential; all this, in your preferred language. The number of languages supported now is limited, and is only applied to the static content of Omni Retail. However, we will soon be expanding it to a longer list of languages, and to every aspect of Omni Retail. 

First Time Login: For those who are logging into Omni Retail for the first time, in addition to choosing the language they want to use Omni Retail in, they can also select the brands they deal in. The available brands will be based on your business type. Based on the brands selected, Omni Retail will preload products of those brands ready for you. 

Delivery Locations: Getting online orders from far off places that are difficult to reach can be a tedious task. To cancel that order and turn down a customer can be an even bigger task, which we are sure you wouldn’t want to do. So now, you can choose where you want to deliver orders. This selection can be carried out till the most basic level – the area pincode. If your customer enters a delivery pincode that is outside your allowed area, he will not be able to proceed with the order. A relief for you and your delivery boys, as far as delivering orders is concerned.

Purchase: Remember the revamps we had done to a few sections in the previous upgrades? Wherein all the major performable actions are brought upfront to the main page? The same has been done to the Purchase module too.  Following are the 4 main options:

  • Add Purchase Order: Allows you to quickly create new purchase orders
  • Inward inventory: Contains a set of functionalities to add inventory for products received from the supplier. This can either be by creating a purchase invoice, or by receiving goods for purchase orders already placed
  • Payment Pending Purchase Invoice: Displays a list of all purchase invoices for which payments are pending.
  • View Purchases: Displays a list of all purchase invoices and orders created in the system. 

Smart Product Import: We have introduced a smart import functionality for products, where you  can upload an excel file of your choice, and map the columns of the file to the required fields in Omni Retail. You no longer need to be confined to the template that is provided by us, but can fill in the product details in the Excel file as you wish to. This is further going to enhance the way you upload bulk products into the system just by two simple steps. Enter the product information in the excel file at your  will, and on importing it, map the data, so that the data goes in the right place. 

Upload progress bar: This upgrade has been carried out in all import functionalities in Omni Retail. On importing a large file, you will now be able to watch the progress of the import in the Import History modal. 

General setting: The General settings page has a few revamps as follows

  • All instructions and texts have been changed for clarity and ease of understanding
  • The default home page view for the webstore can now be configured. You can choose whether you want to display products on your webstore’s home page, or categories.
  • From now on, you can’t edit the name of your business. In case you want to, please contact customer care.
  • You can enter a JavaScript based on the analytical tool (for example, Google Analytics) you are using. This will send your webstore’s web traffic data to your analytical tool, and allow you to carry out analytical tasks. 

Quick Start – Add Missing Purchase and Sales Tax: The add missing purchase tax and sales tax sections have been added to the Quick Start sections.

Hide/Unhide Products: Remember some time back we renamed the hide / unhide products options to pause/resume? Based on your suggestions, we’ve rolled back the upgrade, and the functionalities are again called Hide Products and Unhide Products. 


That’s all for now folks. Like the upgrades? Let us or our Customer Executives know about it. Not happy with the upgrades, let us know how we can help you better and what new you would like to see. Until the next time, enjoy the upgrades and keep using Omni Retail to its full potential to manage your business digitally and most efficiently.

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  1. Hi,

    I am stopping short on buying this on one important module that is key to most retailers i.e., managing margins from vendors. A module wherin Margins promised by vendors are stored and the margins checked on each PO based on the agreed upon margin for different products. Would help a lot. is this something on works ?

    1. Hello Arvind,

      We were intrigued with the module you suggested, and would like to understand it in-depth.

      Would it be possible for you to share your contact details with us? A concerned personnel will get in touch with you to know more about what you have in mind.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Jd Omni Team

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