What’s New in B2B Jd Omni – March

Yes! We are back.We bet you are going to love these changes, and the impact they have on how you run your business. For now, here is what we have in store for you this time around.

Header Customization: Why go different places to add elements like color, logo, contact details and links to your website’s header? You can now customize all of the above from just one location – the Customize Header option.
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Enhanced Dashboard : Indeed, the old dashboard was quite helpful, and informative; however, the team decided to take it a step further. So now you can see bar chart of sales, profits and so on. Not only this, your top selling products will be displayed, along with the outlets and other information. All in all, the complete package. And this is not only for the website, your app is equipped with this feature too.
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Jd Omni app: Jd Omni app has become more constructive. So from now on you can do the following things from your Jd Omni app. 

    • Customize Online store: Not only through online store app but you can also add design blocks and banners and customize your store from Jd Omni app.
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    • Update bank Details: No need to log in into website, now update your bank details from the Jd Omni app.
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Domain Renewal:We understand how important your domain name is for your business, and wouldn’t want you to loose it. On nearing your domain’s expiry date, Jd Omni will keep reminding you to renew your domain name, and keep selling online to your customers.
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That’s all for now folks. Like the upgrades? Let us or our Customer Executives know about it. Not happy with the upgrades, let us know how we can help you better and what new you would like to see. Until next time, enjoy the upgrades and keep using Jd Omni to its full potential to manage your business digitally and most efficiently.

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  1. TO JD OMNI Support TEAM

    I Had already mention this requirment many times before also ,
    MODEL NO -TSC 210 TA
    -1ROW 2 LEBAL -25X50MM


  2. Looks most of the updates are like adding fancy dresses or adding finishing touches. Why not add a wallet and subscription feature – far more self contained and useful,is n’t?

  3. Please add referrals with discount . This helps to increase sales highly than other methods.

    Also please add wallet ( with refund option )and subscription for grocery.

    Is there a way to reach hd omni executive to give feedback suggestions . Called 8888888888 many times but no one called back as promised. Very bad customer service. Looks like an orphaned product?

    Pushing new features appreciated but more important is to hear voice of customer and pains and issues as you improve the product.

    1. Hello there. We truly appreciate your honest feedback, and are glad to hear from you.
      We are sorry that you haven’t received a call back from our executives. We will get someone to get in touch with you within 24 hours, to hear you out.

      You can send us your feedback or reach out to us via any of the following means:

      • Comment on Jd Omni Blog
      • Use the Feedback option present in the right-hand side of the Home module in Jd Omni
      • Use the Feedback option in any of the Video Waklthrough present in various modules of Jd Omni (Products, Orders, Dashboard, Online Store etc.)

      We are sorry that you feel this way about the customer service, but be rest assured that your voice and opinions are not going unheard. Someone from our end will get in touch with you, to get a detailed insight of your suggestions, as well as your pain points.

      Again, thanks for writing to us, and do keep letting us know how we can help you run your business more effectively.

      Jd Omni Team

      1. Customers go to playstore to download the app or see the app when they look for apps that need grocery etc in their area . They are going to notice the reviews in playstore that can affect the decison to download the app or even give an instant feedback or issues . How to ask the customer to write review there in playstore ( not in jd site )?

        1. Apologies for not reading it through the first time.
          We understand your suggestion and its importance to your business. We will make it a point to gather all the required information with regards to your suggestions, when our Product Consultant gets in touch with you today.

          1. Our Product Consultant tried contacting you on 8296503059, 8971070065, and 7090205050 but could not connect.

            Kindly let us know of a suitable time and contact number where we can reach out to you.

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