What’s New in B2B Jd Omni – April

Here we are again.Running your business will no more feel life a task to you; it’ll  be as basic as any other of your day-to-day activity.

Our team has relentlessly been at work since the last release to bring out new stuff for you. Our updates this time around is like a bag of mixed goodies, with enhancements in various parts of Jd Omni.

Here is what was introduced:

Customize Online Store – Jd Omni Mobile App

At Jd Omni, we aim to give retailers the tools to provide a truly remarkable customer experience. Now you can do the following changes on your mobile itself.

  • Themes selection: Now explore our collection of all themes and select the suitable one for your store from your Jd Omni app.
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  • Banner images: Not only through the web version, but you can also add banners and customize your store from Jd Omni app.
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  • Design Blocks: Attractive web design has always played a key role in successful online sales and marketing. So why log in into the website when you can customize your design blocks right from your Jd Omni app.
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Jd Omni App

So you have a thriving business? You’re already doing great things? We want you to be even better!  The Jd Omni app just goes bulked up with the following features:

  • Domain: Now Book/Configure domain and give your store an online identity right using the Jd Omni app.
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  • Campaign: Inform your customers about new store openings, or special offers on the go. The Campaign module is now available on your phone too.
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  • Revamped Enquiry: The Inbox module has visually been revamped for simplicity of use.
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  • View Customers: Along with the above features we have introduced customer module on the Jd Omni app too. Now view your customers and see which of them are yet pending to pay you.
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  • Link to Enquiry Form: It is now possible to let your customer send enquiries by just filling up a form on your website.
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That’s all for now folks. We hope you like these additions, and they help you manage your business in a way you want to, and a way that we intended it to be. We will be back soon with another set of updates, because (and you already know this) we won’t rest until we achieve perfection!

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