What’s New in Jd Omni B2B – June

So this time around, we have quite major updates, that are going to ease out your life for good. We bet you are going to love these changes, and the impact they have on how you run your business. And that’s not all; next month is going to be a bang! We are planing some massive upgrades, so stay tuned.

For now, here is what we have in store for you this time around:

Customize Online Store:

A major part of your business is how you sell your products, and where you sell them. Our objective at Jd Omni has always been to provide you with the best solutions to design an intuitive and attractive E-commerce website. In that endeavor, here’s what we have introduced in the Customize Online module for you:

  • SEO: Now increase your chances of being displayed in Google searches, by defining your website’s title, description, and keywords for search engines.
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  • Blog: Now create beautiful WordPress blogs for your websites through Jd Omni. Update these blogs with a range of information related to your store and add it to your website.
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  • Widgets in Mobile App: All widgets available on the web version of Jd Omni are now available in the mobile app too. You can integrate WordPress, Google Analytics, Tawk.To, and Wufoo all from your mobile phone, within a few taps.
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  • Header Customization – mobile + web:  From now on along with adding logo to your store you can also change the company name right from there. You can also do these changes from your app too.
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  • CMS Image upload enhancements: Customizing your online store just got better. Now you can add border to your image, add border width and border color. Along with this, you can also link the image.
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GST Support

In lieu of the implementation of GST, we are happy to announce that Jd Omni is now totally GST compliant, as per the new norms. Our Tax module has been revamped to accommodate all your needs related to the new taxation system. Not to worry, all your old taxes are intact too, so that you can easily migrate to the new system.
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Delete Customer: Not only can you add, edit and manage customers, you now have the option to delete a customer from your Jd Omni account too.
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Enhancement in Dashboard: We are not saying that the old one was bad, or wasn’t helpful but the new one is a lot better though. The dashboard now displays the detail information about the sales, customers, inventory and so on.
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Multiple Notificatons Receipents: Multiple contact numbers and email addresses can be added to get the notification from the Jd Omni about online orders, enquiry forms and book appointments.

Custom Fields: Now along with other details you can add some additional fields for Orders, Work Orders, Customers and Enquiry Forms from the settings. Currently we have released this functionality for Enquiry form by which you can link the form to your online store.
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So this is what the Jd Omni team has been up to for some time now. The list does not end, and we will soon be back with more updates to Omni. As you can see, we won’t rest until we achieve perfection!

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