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Point of Sale
Cloud Based Point of Sales
Powerful cloud based POS to sell your products in-store & on-the-go with any device.
Intuitive and Easy to Use Billing System
It's quick and simple to use. Serve your customers fast and take payments in minutes.
Compatible with Any Computer, Mobile and Tablet
Get the freedom to complete your sale smoothly from any device, any location.
Lightning Quick - Search or Scan
Search through existing products quickly by typing or scanning barcode while billing.
Custom Sale
Add arbitrary items while taking an order that haven't been created as a product yet.
Customizable Taxes
Taxes are automatically calculated for every customer based on your store's location.
Apply Discounts
Add discounts that will apply to all the items in a customer’s basket or to specific items only.
Highly Customizable
You can choose to hide/ unhide certain features in your billing platform to accommodate your business needs.
Order Notes
Collect additional information and specific instructions from customers for an order.
Parked Sales
You can hold a purchase while your customers go to fetch more items & resume when they back.
Capture Customer Details
Collect new customer information on every order and build your customer groups.
Partial Payments
Accept partial payments and keep track of your remaining payments to be collected from customers.
Customer Credit (Postpaid) Facility
Garner customer credence and loyalty by enabling credit payment system for your users.
Split Payment Types
Let your customers split the total amount into two or more transactions and pay each with different payment modes.
Online Payment Facility
Accept online payments from Billing System and instantly receive money in your bank account.
Compatible with Receipt Printers and Barcode Scanners
Want to print receipts & scan product barcodes? No issues, Omni Retail supports a range of 80 mm and A4 /A5 receipt printers and barcode scanners.
Print Invoice on 80mm or A4/A5
Set the font size, character length per row while designing the invoice and preview it before sending it to your customers.
Send SMS & Email Receipts
Go green with paperless billing - it's convenient, saves time and is environmentally friendly.
Compatible with Any Computer, Mobile and Tablet
Gain realtime access to data and increase your business productivity by switching to different devices as per your convenience.
Supports Wide Range of Receipt Printers & Barcode Scanner
Supports a range of 80 mm and A4 /A5 receipt printers and barcode scanners.
ZPL / EPL Compatible Barcode Label Printers
Supports barcode label printers that are compatible with these programming languages.
Compatible with Gold Field & Essae Weighing Scale Integration
Supports Integration with Gold Field & Essae Weighing Scale for fast and accurate weighing.
Bulk Import Product
Save time in uploading new products or updating existing ones using an excel file.
Add Products from Omni Product Library
Get access to product library of over 3 crore products, along with images, description and barcodes.
Add Products from Brand & Manufacturer's Catalogue
Add as many products as you want from the existing library and categorize them by their brands and manufacturers.
Add Products by Scanning Barcode
Add products by scanning their barcodes to avoid mistakes and make work faster.
Add Multiple Variants for a Product
Easily add product variants based on sizes, color, material etc. to fit your needs.
Upload Multiple Product Images
Help your customers understand your products better with unlimited high quality product images.
Sell Products in Loose Quantity
Keep a track of loose products. Sell them and your inventory will be adjusted automatically.
Centralized Product Catalog
Sync your products across all your channels to eliminate double data entry and reduce human errors.
Organise Products Easily
Categorize your products by name, type, brand, supplier, supplier code, SKU, handle, and tag, to easily build custom reports.
Order Management
Accept, Process and Manage Thousands of Multichannel Orders Daily in one system.
Sort & Filter Orders
Select Order Date & Time, Delivery Date to check orders carried out, from latest or oldest.
Print & Email Invoices
Choose to print or email receipts to the customer after a sale.You can customize receipts with your logo and website.
Refunds and Returns
Provide every customer with an easy refund or return option. They will definitely come back.
Customize Sales Invoice Design
Modify the default sales invoice design template to match your business. Customize it the way you like.
Create Quotations
Create quotes to show your customers the prices of the products and services that have been enquired.
Create Work Order
Create a systematic order process by covering questions like who, when, where, how for any order
Export Orders
With better control of your export order rules, get improved visibility in the area of sales.
Export Sales Invoice to Tally
With our Tally Integration tool, you will be able to create sales invoice, debit notes, credit notes, receipts from the transaction excel file downloaded.
Detailed Customer Information
Store every piece of information about your customers in one centralized location while taking orders or separately in bulk by importing an excel file.
Customer Groups
Manage your customers by creating profile groups that can be anytime combined with discounts to offer promotions.
Customize Credit Amount and Period
Depending upon how credit worthy is your customer, you can set the credit amount and date for every customer.
Send Online Payment Links
Create and send payment links over SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, etc & receive money within 45 minutes.
Export & Import Customers
Add new customers or update existing ones quickly by importing and exporting customers with an excel file.
SMS & Email Marketing Tools
Extend your reach and capture customer attention with compelling and personalized SMSes & emails.
Get Custom SMS Sender Name
Highlight yourself by using an SMS sender name for a better recall and brand placement.
Support for Multiple Outlet
Manage your master data centrally from one account and transfer stock among these outlets seamlessly.
Low Inventory Products
Manage your stock intelligently with fine grained control on out-of-stock products and count available.
Expired and Near Expiry Products
Ensure that the product is being sold well before its expiry date and no expired product is mistakenly sold.
Stock Audit
Reconcile the inventory count to ensure there are no discrepancies.
Print Price and Barcode Labels
Customize the font and placement of the text as you want and quickly print price and barcode labels for your products.
Customize Item Labels Design
Set what information to be displayed on the barcode label and how many to be printed in a row.
Lost Goods and Stock Adjustment
Make inventory corrections in case of lost goods or write-down of outdated stock items.
Bulk Update Inventory
Manage product information details well by making mass updates to inventory using excel and save your time.
Create Purchase Order
Create purchase orders quickly by scanning product barcodes and email them directly to your suppliers.
Autofilled Purchase Orders
Automatically generate purchase orders whenever a product drops below your customizable preset reorder points. Never have too much or too little stock again.
Convert Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice
Convert your purchase orders to invoices purchase delivery payment.
Purchase Returns
Easily record and return damaged, faulty, or unsold consignment stock to your suppliers.
Export Purchase Invoice to Tally
Our Tally integration API communicates with your Omni Retail store keeping inventory, pricing, and order data up-to-date and accurate.
Detailed Supplier Information
Add Supplier information like their business name, tax details, contact person phone number, billing address, etc. one-by-one or in bulk.
Partial Payments and Payment Reminders
Create and send payment reminders in case of partial payments made by the customers.
Reporting & Insights
Realtime Sales and Profit Dashboards
An actionable dashboard of your sales and overall business performance helps you to make informed decisions.
Products & Inventory Report
Stay on top of your inventory, low and out-of-stock products and use these insights to make better decisions.
Orders & Customers Report
Generates order and customer reports that are easily customized to fit your business process.
Purchases & Suppliers Report
Get information on a wide range of variables related to purchases and suppliers.
AI Powered Voice Assistant
Give voice commands to quickly navigate through the system and make changes wherever needed.
Staff Member Accounts and Permissions
Create user accounts for each of your staff and easily control their permissions to keep sensitive information hidden and secure.
Pay Bills
Pay all your miscellaneous bills like electricity, gas bill with a few simple and easy clicks.
Technical Support
Dedicated Support Team
For any queries you can contact our highly dedicated and efficient support team.
Omni Help Center
The Omni Manual is available on the go for all system based doubts you have.
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