Save & Open Draft Billing Orders

While creating an order, you may face instances where you need to work on another task urgently, and do not want to loose the details of the current order. During such situations you can save an existing order as draft, and retrieve them later.

Important Note
To save an order as a draft, at least 1 product or service should be added.

1. During the Billing process if you want to save an order as a draft and would like to process it later, click on Save.

2. To access orders that were saved as drafts, click on View  > select a draft order > click on Load Order.

You can now proceed to bill that order.

Important Note
You can delete a saved order by clicking on icon of that respective order.

3. On selecting a draft order, if you want to delete it, click on Delete.

4. While billing an order, if you want to reset the page completely, click on Reset.

A Reset Order pop up dialog box appears. Click on Yes, Reset.

All the products entered on the billing page gets cleared and you can start entering the products all over again.

5. To view orders that are pending; from the billing page, click on Pending Orders. The following options get displayed.

  • Online Orders: Displays orders that were received from your website or app.
  • Delivery Pending: Displays orders whose goods are yet pending to be delivered.

6. To customize your billing settings, click on  and then you can change your printer setup as well as your weighing scale setup. Click on Save Details to save the changes made.

How to customize the Printer Setup and Weighing Scale Setup for Billing ?


Click on and the billing module settings will be displayed.

Add Customer Position: You can place the add customer button on the header or below the order summary.
Printer Set up: Select the printer type from the drop-down list

80 mm receipt printer

On selecting the 80mm receipt printer option, the following fields appear:

Step 1.
Enter the IP address of your computer in the IP Address Port.

Important Note

To find out the IPv4 address for your computer, press Windows icon + R on the keyboard . In the Open field, enter cmd and press the Enter key. In the window that opens, enter ipconfig and press the Enter key. From the displayed result, the selected address is your IPv4 address.#15

Enter this in the IP Address Port field in the Billing Setup modal.

Step 2.
In Receipt Printer Font Size , you can configure the type of receipt that you want to print.

Step 3.
You can select the character length (40, 48, 56, 64) in Receipt Printer Character Length.

Step 4.
Click on Save Details once the changes are final and need to be saved.

Laser / Inkjet printers

If you have a laser or inkjet printer, this option can be used to print invoices and challans in A4 and A5 formats.

In the Page Size drop-down, select the type of paper you will be using for the receipts (A4 or A5).

Once all changes are made, click on the Save Details

Weighing Scale Setup

Here, you can configure your weighing scale to work seamlessly with the POS.


Step 1.
In the Select Weighing Scale  drop-down, choose the weighing scale out of the available options.


Step 2.
Enter the IPv4 address of your computer.

Step 3.
Once all changes are finalized, click on Confirm .

This functionality is currently unavailable for mobile. You can save and open draft orders only from your computer.
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