Save & Open Draft Orders

While creating an order, you may face instances where you need to work on another task urgently, and do not want to loose the details of the current order. During such situations you can save an existing order as draft, and retrieve them later.

Important Note
To save an order as a draft, at least 1 product or service should be added.

Step 1.
To save an ongoing order, click on Save Order button displayed at the bottom.

Your order will be saved as a draft.

Step 2.
To access orders that were saved as drafts, click on the View Draft Orders button in the lower right corner.

The following page will be displayed.

A list of all the orders that were saved as drafts will be displayed.

Step 2.
Select the required order and click on Load Order.

Important Note
You can delete a saved order by clicking on  icon of that respective order.

The order will be displayed on the Billing page, and you can continue working on the order.

This functionality is currently unavailable for mobile
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