Add/Update Booking

This module lets you create and update appointments as per your requirement.

To create a booking follow these steps:

1. From the Admin Panel, go to Sales, click on Calendar.

2. Click on Add Booking.

3. Edit the Date and Time, click on Next.

4. Add a new customer. If the customer is already added into the system their name will be displayed in the drop-down list.

5. Edit customer details, click on Save.

6. Enter some description if required and click on Update.

7. The booking details will be saved on the calendar section.

8. You can either Edit or Delete the booking details from the calendar section.

What do you mean by Bill It ?

Bill It helps you in creating an Invoice for an order that is finalized through a booking.

How to assign Staff Members for a booking appointment ?

In order for your staff members to access booking appointments, you need to give permissions to your staff members.

1. From the Vendor panel, select Staff Members from the Settings option.

2. Select your Staff Member, to whom you want to give permission for booking, and select Sales > Calendar option under Permission Settings.

3. Once you have given permission to your staff member, you can assign them in the Staff field while creating an appointment.

Please Note
This functionality is currently unavailable in mobile. You can create and update appointments through computer.
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