Custom HTML / CSS Code

Custom HTML/CSS code helps you create your own layouts or elements on your website. You can create scrolling texts, pop-ups etc with this feature.

1. From the Admin panel, click on Customise Website.

2. Click on Add Section.

3. From the Following slider, click on Layouts.

4. If you want to view the HTML block, hover over the HTML block and click on .

5. The preview will look as follows. Click on Add This section in order to add this template onto the website.

6. Enter the HTML code in the block and click on Save.

Once done, the HTML code will be added on your website.

Please Note
Please be extra-careful when adding custom code. This type of customization can create conflicts or issues on your website.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable in mobile. You can access Custom HTML / CSS Code only through computer.
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