Custom HTML / CSS Code

Custom HTML/CSS code helps you create your own layouts or elements on your website. You can create scrolling texts, pop-ups etc with this feature.

Step 1.
Click on the Customize Website  from the main menu.

Step 2.
Click on Customize Website .

The following page will be displayed.

Step 3.
Click on Add Section.

The following slider will be displayed, click on Layouts .

Step 4.
Scroll down and select HTML block from the slider.

The following modal will be displayed.

Previewing Block

To preview the block, click on Zoom In option at the right side of every block when you hover over it.

The preview of the block will look as follows

Click on Add this Section to add it on your website. Or click on Cancel to select another block.

Step 6.
Enter the HTML code in the block.

Step 7.
Once all changes have been made, click on Save button.

Once done, the HTML code will be added on your website.

This functionality is currently unavailable for mobile.
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