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This module lets you to manage various reviews and ratings that you receive from your customers regarding the products that you sell on your webstore.

1. From the Homepage, click on Inbox.

2. From the Inbox Detail page, click on Review & Rating.

The following page gets displayed. It is divided into two sections

1. Manage Reviews
2. Product/Service Reviews

Manage Reviews

This page displays all the reviews of your products. You can decide whether to show or hide the review by clicking on the toggle.

This page has the following columns:

Product / Service Details: This displays the item for which the review has been received. Clicking on product name, product review detail page is displayed.
Customer Details: This column displays the details like customer name, mobile number and customer ID who has submitted the product review.
Comments and Ratings : This displays the rating and comments submitted, followed by date and time of review submission.

Important Note

In case the Moderation Required functionality is enabled from the general settings, you need to approve that review and rating before publishing it on web-store. It appears as follows:

From here you can decide if you want to display or hide this review.

Product/Service Reviews

This page displays the list of products which have reviews for them.

This page has the following columns:

Product Details: This displays the item for which the review has been received.
Average Ratings: This column displays average rating with count of reviews and count of ratings.

Click on View All and all the reviews and ratings for that product will be displayed.

Click on if you want to hide or display the review.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable in mobile.
You can access reviews and ratings only through web.
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