Internet usage using mobile hotspot

In order to use your mobile phone internet connection for your PC, follow these steps:

There are three ways to connect your mobile phone to your PC.

Connect by Bluetooth

1. From your Android phone, long press on the Bluetooth icon which will open the Bluetooth settings page.

2. The mobile phone will start searching nearby devices which has Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Now from your computer, if you have Windows 10, go to the start menu and click on settings tab > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.

4. Click on Add Bluetooth or other device > switch this to ON and wait for Windows to detect your phone.

5. Once paired, on your phone, open Settings  and tap on Mobile hotspot and tethering.

Toggle the Bluetooth tethering slider as ON.

6. Meanwhile from your computer, click on the Bluetooth icon that gets displayed on the system tray or taskbar > select your phone icon > right click and choose Connect using Access point.

Your phone should display a notification that Bluetooth tethering is active.

Connect by Wi-Fi Hotspot

1. From your Android phone, open Settings an tap on Mobile hotspot and tethering.

Tap on Mobile Hotspot  and  toggle the slider as ON.

2. Tap on More and tap on Configure Mobile hotspot.

3. Enter a Network Name > Enter a Password > tap on Save.

4. From your Windows PC, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.

5. Click on show available networks and click on the network created by your phone.

6. Click on Connect, enter the password the connection gets established.

Connect by USB

1. Connect your USB cable to your computer and plug the other end to your phone’s USB port.

2. From your Android phone, go to Settings > Mobile hotspot and tethering > toggle the USB tethering slider as ON.

3. Based on your mobile phone or computer setup, The USB tethering may provide options such as connect to device for sharing purposes or a warning may appear regarding interrupt in data flow. Either way, tap on any option if provided or tap on OK to proceed.

A notification icon appears to confirm that your mobile phone is connected to your computer via USB.

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