Expired and Near Expiry Inventory

This module displays all the products in your inventory which have already expired or are nearing the expiry date.

Step 1.
Click on Inventory on the homepage.

The following module will be displayed.

Step 2.
Click on Manage Inventory and the following options will be displayed.

Step 3.
Click on Expired & Near Expiry and the following page will be displayed.

The page has two tabs:

  1. Near Expiry : Products whose expiry date is nearing, and will soon get expired.
  2. Expired : Products whose expiry date has already crossed, and have expired.

The page displays the following information:

  • Product Details : Name and details of the product.
  • Batch/Lot Details : Name of the batch that it belong to, along with the date and time of its creation.
  • Expiry Date : Expiry date of the product, along with the number of days it will expire in. In case you are on the Expired tab, it displays the number of days since when the product has expired.
  • Quantity : Number of products that will be expiring in the mentioned time.
Searching, Sorting and Filtering
In case you want to check if a particular product has expired or not, or when it will be expiring, you can search for this product using the product name or by scanning the barcode.

The list of products can be sorted with respect to the product name, batch/lot details, and the expiry date.
To sort the list by a specific column, click on the name of the column. The selected column will turn blue, with an underline.
The downward arrow indicates the ascending order (oldest first).
The upward arrow indicates the descending order (latest first).
You can choose to display only selected products, based on the filters provided. You can filter by Brand or by Manufacturer

Step 1.
To filter products by their brand, click on the Filter Products dropdown, and select the By Brand or By Manufacturer option.

Step 2.
Select the brands or manufacturer that you wish to view the products for. You can select multiple brands.

Important Note
You can also search for a specific brand or manufacturer by typing the name in the Search by option.

Step 3.
Click on Apply .

Filtering by Near Expiry
Using this filter, you can choose to filter out product based on their expiry date. You can choose to display only those filters that will expire in 7  days, or those that will expire in 90 days, and so on.

If today is 17th April, and I select the Within 7 days filter, all products with expiry date between 18th April, and 24th April.

Removing Filters
You can remove any brand you wish to from the filter, by clicking on the x icon next to the brand. Search results with that brand will be removed from the list.
This functionality is currently unavailable for mobile.
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