Low Inventory

The Low Inventory  displays the number of products that are running low on inventory and need to be restocked. In other words, products that have reached their reorder level will be displayed here, to allow you to easily place an order to the supplier.

Step 1.
Click on Inventory on the homepage.

The following module will be displayed.

Step 2.
Click on Low Inventory and the following page will be displayed on your screen.

In case you have multiple outlets, you will be first asked to select the outlet and account for which you wish to restock the inventory. Select the desired outlet-account.

The number in the Reorder Qty field is based on the quantity set for the product, or quantity auto-set for all products in General settings.
Filter Products in Low Inventory
You can filter products from the Low Inventory section in Inventory module using the Filter Products option. You can filter products based on status of the inventory, or on the status of products that have already been ordered.
Inventory Status:

Screenshot (419)

  • Low Inventory: This will display all the products that have reached the reorder level
  • Out of Stock: This will display only products that have gone out of stock.
By default, Low Inventory will be selected.
Delivery Pending:

Screenshot (420)

  • Show Products Pending for Delivery: This will display products for which purchase orders have already been placed, but have not been delivered to you yet.
  • Hide Products Pending for Delivery: This will remove all such products for which purchase orders have already been placed, but have not been delivered to you yet from the list.
By default, Hide Products Pending for Delivery will be selected.

Step 3.
Click on the empty tick box next to the required product to add it in the Purchase Cart.

The number of products that have been added to the purchase cart will be visible on the Purchase Cart button as follows:

To add products here that are not already present, you can search for such products from the Search product by name field. On typing the product’s name, you can select the product from the list of suggestions.

If the product is already added to the purchase cart, you can remove it from the cart by clicking on Remove from Purchase Cart.

If the product is not in the cart and needs to be added to it, you can do so by clicking on Add to Purchase Cart

Step 4.
Once you have selected all the products that need to be ordered, click on the Purchase Cart to proceed.

The following page will be displayed. Here, purchase orders will be displayed supplier wise, along with the number of items ordered.

Back to Low Inventory
Clicking on the Back to Low Inventory button will take you back to the previous page, and remove all purchase orders from the Purchase Cart.

Step 5.
Once the Purchase Order is created, select the Purchase Orders that you want to create by clicking on the checkbox next to that supplier.

Step 6.
Once all required POs are selected, click on the Create Purchase Order button to place the order.

Review PO

In case you want to view details of a particular PO, click on the Review PO button for that supplier.

On clicking Review PO button, following page will open up :

From here you can:

  1. View and edit the expected delivery date.
  2. View and edit the credit period for the supplier.
  3. Search for a product and add it to the purchase order.
  4. View the number of product currently in stock, and edit the number of product to be ordered, if needed.
  5. Once all details are checked, you can click on Create Purchase Order button to place the order. This action will then open the the next purchase orders.
  6. Clicking on Save and Continue will save the purchase order as a draft, and move onto the next purchase order. This purchase order will not be created.
  7. Clicking on the Delete PO button will delete this purchase order, and move onto the next one.
  8. Clicking on the Cancel Changes button will undo all the changes that were made by you in this purchase order.
Important Note
All the purchase orders present in the Purchase Cart will appear one-after-another, for your confirmation.

Step 7.
Once you have performed the necessary actions on all the purchase orders from the Purchase Cart, you can view the created purchase orders in the Delivery Pending tab of the Purchase module. Purchase orders that were saved as drafts, can be viewed in the Drafts tab.

This functionality is currently unavailable for mobile.
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