Stock Transfer

Stock transfer allows you to move your inventory from one outlet to another.

Step 1.
Click on Inventory on the homepage.

The following module will be displayed.

Step 2.
Click on Stock Transfer and the following page will be displayed.

Step 3
Click on Create Stock Transfer.

Step 4.
Select the outlet from which you want to transfer products.

If you need to change the outlet, click on x-symbol [x] the symbol in the right corner of this field, and select the new outlet.

Step 5.
Enter the product name in the box next to Search by Product Name. Select the product that you want to transfer.

You can also search for a product using the barcode. Click on the drop down next to Search by Product Name and select Search by Barcode.


Transfer Details pop-up will be displayed on your screen. This will give you batch wise details of how many products are available in each batch.

Step 6.
Click on the batch from which you want to transfer products, and enter the number of products in the Allot Quantity field.

Step 7.
You now have to select the outlet to which the product has to be transferred. Select the outlet from the drop-down list.

Step 8.
Check and confirm the Destination Inventory Details displayed on the next screen. You can edit the pricing of the product, barcode and add product expiry if required.

Step 9.
Click on Add Outlet . The details of the transfer, along with all the other product information will be displayed.

  • Details under Source shows information of where the products will be removed from.
  • Details under Destination shows information of where the products will be added.

Step 10.
Click on the Transfer Inventory  to confirm the transfer of products.

Save as Draft

In case you want to save the order and work on it later, click on the Save as Draft.

Once done, the Inventory / Stock Transfer page will look like this.

  • Transfer ID with SS denotes the ID for the stock sent from the source to the destination.
  • Transfer ID with SR denotes the ID for the stock received from the source to the destination.

If you click on the ID, a page will open with detailed information regarding the transfer.

  • The All Transfer Details tab gives you a list of all sent and received transfer of stock.
  • The Sent Stock tab gives you a list of all transfers that was sent out from the mentioned outlet.
  • The Received Stock tab gives you a list of all transfers that were received in the mentioned outlet.

This functionality is currently unavailable for mobile.
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