Assign Delivery Profiles

The assign delivery profile option allows you to link delivery profiles to your products in bulk.

Step 1.
Click on Stock from the main menu.

Step 2.
Select Products from the drop-down options.

The following module will be displayed.

Step 3.
Click on Manage Delivery Profiles and the following page will be displayed.

Searching, Sorting and Filtering

Searching, Sorting and Filtering

1. Searching:

You can search by entering the product name in the search bar.

2. Sorting:
Sort the entire list by clicking on option which will sort the list in Ascending or Descending order.

3. Filtering :
You can filter the product list by brand, manufactures, product type and display category.

In case of multiple outlets, select the outlet for which you want to manage the delivery profile.

Step 4.
Select the products of which you want to change the delivery profile and click on Assign Delivery Profile .

The following slider will be displayed.

Important Note

Once you select more than 25 products, you will receive an option for selecting all the products.

Step 5.
Select the delivery profile as per your requirement and click on Update

Important Note

In case of multiple outlets, the following slider will be displayed. You can assign delivery profiles for every outlet.

Step 6
Click on Update All to apply the changes made.


You can create a new delivery profile from the Delivery Module from Settings. To know more, click here.

This feature is currently unavailable for mobile
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