Credit Report

This section enables you to export reports which consist a list of all payments need to be made or collected from the supplier or from the customer.

1. From the Admin Panel, click on Reports.

2. From the following page, the tabs displayed under credit section are as follows:

  • Credit Balance: It provides a list of all the credit balances of a supplier or a customer.
  • Receivable: It provides a list of all payments which can be collected from a supplier or from a customer.
  • Payable: It provides a list of all payments which can be made to a supplier or to a customer.


3. To export report containing the credit balance of your suppliers and customers, click on Credit Balance > select Date Range > click on Export Reports.

4. An Export History modal window appears. Click on Download file to complete the process.

The above steps for Credit Balance is the same for Receivable, and Payable as well.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable in mobile.
You can access credit report only through computer.
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