Billing System Settings

Here you can change all the settings pertaining to your Point of sale (POS), orders, tax etc


  1. Allows you to enter minimum amount of order for home delivery. Orders below this amount will not be applicable for home delivery.
  2. Allows you to enter the delivery charges for the home delivery orders.
  3. Enabling this checkbox allows you to provide free delivery when the order crosses entered amount.
  4. This option allows you to bill products that are out of stock.
  5. This option will allow you to add IMEI/Serial Number to you products post billing.
  6. This option will allow you to accept international card payments.
  7. Here you can choose how you want your inventory to be deducted, every time an order is confirmed and a product is removed from the system’s inventory.
    Deduction of Inventory

    • By Same Barcode, MRP: This option will deduct your inventory from batches with same barcode as well as MRP.
    • By Same Barcode: This option will deduct your inventory from batches with same barcode.
    • By Same MRP: This option will deduct your inventory from batches with same MRP.
    • By first in first out: This option will deduct your inventory based on when the batches were added. Batches that were added first, will be deducted first.
  8. This option will allow you to add a custom message to your invoices and challans. On enabling this setting, a Description box will appear, where you can type the message.
  9. The Customer Details Settings allows you to configure the behavior of the customer modal in your Billing system. It lets you decide for which payment modes, adding a customer should be mandatory.

The Billing System Setting also has the following settings.

  1. Auto-Print Sales Invoice: Enabling this option will automatically print the bill post order confirmation.
  2. Allow Change of Price at Item Level: This option allows you to change product’s pricing during bill/invoice/quotation creation.
  3. Allow Manual Entry of Custom Item(s): You can add items manually which do not exist in the inventory by enabling this option.
  4. Display HSN/SAC Column: Enabling this toggle will display the HSN/SAC columns in the Billing, Order, Invoice and Quotation modules.
  5. Display Tax Type & Tax Rate Column: Enabling this toggle will display Tax Type & Tax Rate Column in the Billing, Invoice and Quotation modules
  6. Display Rate & Final Price Column:  Rate and final price columns will be displayed instead of Selling Price.This change will be reflected in the Billing, Invoice and Quotation modules.
  7. Display Price Adjustment Option: Enabling this option will display the price adjustment option in order pricing summary, billing, invoice and quotation.
  8. Allow Billing of Items from Master Library: This option allows you to bill items from the Justdial Library along with your own item database.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable for mobile. You can make changes in your Billing system only from your computer.
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