Online Store Settings

Here you can configure settings related to your online store.

  1. This option will allow Out of Stock products to be displayed on your web store. These products will be displayed with an Out of Stock message.
  2. This option will be displayed when you enable the first option. Enabling this option will allow the sale of out of stock products from the online store.
  3. This option will enable your system to automatically manage all categories of the products in your store, as well as your online store. If unchecked, you will have to manually carry out this process.
  4. You can allow access to your Facebook page on the website.
  5. Ticking this option will display Add to Cart or Send Enquiry buttons on your online store when your customers search any product.
  6. Enabling this toggle button will add a Wishlist icon on your online store for products.  Customers can add items to their wishlist, which they wish to buy later.
  7. This feature allows your customers to add reviews and ratings for your products & services. You can also manage the reviews & ratings accordingly by enabling the Moderation Required toggle. Thus, the reviews and ratings will be displayed only after your approval.
  8. Enabling this feature will allow you to edit the website on domain. This will disable the voice command feature.
    NOTE : Once you enable this feature, if your domain is not secured then you will be redirected on a secured domain.
  9. Enabling this toggle button will allow you to add Book Appointment on your website & configure Booking settings from your system. Clicking on Settings will open the  Calendar and Booking set up.
  10. This option will allow your customer to add additional notes on how to deliver/prepare the order.
  11.  Enabling this option will verify your customers number during checkout by OTP verification
  12. All customer will have to verify their mobile numbers during check out.
  13. If this option is enabled, customers will have to enter their email during check out.
  14.  This option will allow the customer to enter the GSTIN for online orders.
  15. This option will verify the mobile number of Indian customers, whenever they send an enquiry for a product.
    16. This option will verify the email address of customers, whenever they send an enquiry for a product.
This feature is currently unavailable for mobile
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