Products Settings

Here, you can carry out the changes regarding the the products module like the  SKU,  loose products etc

The options available here are as follows :


  1. Switching ON the toggle button will display the Add Variants options under Product Specification section in the Add Products module.
  2. Enabling this toggle button will allow you to sell Loose Products on your Online Store.
  3. This option allows you to display the price of bulk products. This option is useful when customers want to buy the product in large quantities.
  4. This option will allow the system to maintain all the stock keeping unit (SKU) related fields for the products. You will not be asked to enter SKU’s for any products; system will create and maintain it for all of your products.
  5. This option will help you maintain the product expiry date to manage the inventory efficiently.

    Click on Save once you have made all the necessary changes.

This feature is currently unavailable for mobile
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