What’s New in Omni Websites – August’18

In contrast to our previous releases, this update has some amazing things and some bug fixes to make our app faster and better for you. We’ve made a number of improvements in our application to make it more consistent, efficient and reliable. So let’s have a look on what we have for you this month..

Easily Change Your Website Header in Minutes

An eye-catching header will encourage people to explore further. It is the key element of your website. It contains links to important pages on your website that your potential customers will often want to visit before making a purchase or enquiry.

Consistent header elements make the website a more user-friendly place. Websites can vary in design in virtually infinite ways, but by maintaining a core set of features, your site will be much easier to navigate.

Now with Jd Omni, you can create a stunning header that reflects your brand. A lot of customization options are available for you.  You can edit each and every element present on your website.

The design of your header must align with your target audience. Therefore customize it wisely. You can also add menu links upto 3 levels. Also, 2 new forms of menu links are introduced – Flyout Menu and Mega Menu.

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Add Unique Animation Effects on Your Website

Well, if you remember in our last upgrade, we introduced stunning animation effects for your website that made your website more interactive. And a lot of you loved the update!

Now you’ll be happier to know that you can add animation effects from your mobile device anytime, anywhere in just few taps.

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Bring Back the Deleted Items in Just a Click!

We all have deleted some items by mistake at least once while making changes in our website. This also made us redo it all over again. Keeping this in mind, we’ve added an Undo functionality. This will allow you to Undo or bring back the deleted item on your site.

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Upgraded Wishlist & Ratings

In our previous upgrades, we had enabled Wishlist & Ratings for your mobile site. The good news is that we’ve added it on your website too! Your customers can now save the products/services they wish to purchase in future. They can also rate and comment on your products to get their feedback.

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Currency Support and Time Zone Integration

Jd Omni now supports processing payments in 130 + currencies. This is especially helpful if you have a global presence, as charging in a customer’s native currency can increase sales. So while you sign up with Jd Omni, based on your country selection, your currency will be chosen by the system automatically.

Along with managing currency, Jd Omni now automatically handles timezone, making time adjustments and scheduling in different locations.

Customisation for Action Button Color

To offer a consistent and pleasant user experience for your customers, Jd Omni now allows you to customize your Buy Now, Add to Cart and Send Enquiry button to match with the theme of your website.

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Enhanced Login/Sign Up flow

The new Mobile App Sign up/Login flow has become more intuitive to provide you with a better experience. The flow has been upgraded to the next level like never before.

Round Off the Prices Just As You Want

Difficulty in managing prices and discounts? Need not worry, now select the product’s price however you want to be rounded off when it is displayed to the customers on your site.

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