App Notifications

This functionality allows you to send push notifications to all your customers using your online store’s mobile app. These notifications can be customized as per your requirement.

A push notification that your customer will receive will look something like these:


Multiple Outlets
Before sending any Campaign, make sure you select the Outlet from which you want to send the campaign.

Step 1.
From your main menu, navigate to the Marketing section and select Campaign from the drop-down options.The following page will be displayed. A list of all the campaigns run previously can be viewed on this page.

Date: This column displays the date and time on which the campaign was sent.
Campaign Name: This column displays the name of the campaign run.
Campaign Type: This displays where the campaign was run i. e was an SMS sent to the customer or a notification was displayed on the app.
Status: This displays whether the campaign has been sent or saved as draft

Step 2.
Click on New Campaign and the following modal will be displayed.

Step 3.
Click on App Notifications and the following page will be displayed on your screen.

Step 4.
Enter the Campaign Name.

Step 5.
Enter the heading of the notification that will be displayed to the customer in Notification Title section.

Step 6.
Select the form in which you want the notification to reach your customer in Notification Content

Click on Textif you want to enter only textual content. The maximum word limit is 300 characters.

Click on Image if you want to upload an image. You can add an image from your device by clicking on Choose Image or via URL by clicking on Add Image from URL.

Step 7.
In the Notification Expires In field, select in how many days the App notification should expire after it has been sent to your customers.

Step 9.
Enter a mobile number in Send Test SMS to send a trial message to yourself or any staff member..

Step 10.
An App Notification Campaign dialog box will appear on the screen for confirmation. Click on Send button.

This feature is currently unavailable for mobile
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