Payment Pending Customers

You can quickly and easily add payments against pending amount for a customer from the Payment Pending section of the Customers module.
Alternatively, you can also carry out this action from the customer’s manage order page.

Step 1.
Go to Sales > Customers.

The following module will be displayed.

Step 2.
Click on Payment Pending Customers and the following page will be displayed.

This page has the following 2 tabs:
All Payments Pending: Displays a list of all customers who have payments pending (customers who haven’t cleared their credit).
Credit Period Exceeded: Displays a list of only those customers whose payment due date has crossed the credit period.

Send Payment Reminder

To notify/remind customers regarding their pending payment, select the required customers and click on Send Payment Reminder .

Step 3.
Click on the Collect Payment for the required customer.

The following modal will be displayed.

Step 4.
Select the outlet for which you want to add a payment, and click on the Collect Payment .

Step 5.
Select the payment mode from the options provided and click on Confirm Payment

Step 6.
You can also make partial payment in case customer decides not to make the full payment. Enter the amount that the customer is ready to pay in Net Amount Received. Pending amount will be displayed in Pending section.

Step 1.
From your homepage, click on Customers.

The following page will be displayed.

Step 2.
Click on Payment Pending and the following page will be displayed.

  1. Customer name and contact details.
  2. Days by which payment has been delayed.
  3. Total pending amount.

Step 2.
Select any customer name and the following details will be displayed.

  1. Customer ID : Displays the customer ID of the customer.
  2. Customer Details : Displays customer details like Contact No., Alternate Contact No., Email Id etc.
  3. Payment Details : Displays payment pending details like from how many days payment is pending, amount, outlet and number of orders if any.
  4. Customer Credit : Displays detail of customer credit if any.
  5. Address : Displays the customer address.
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