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Google Analytics is one of the most important marketing tools. You can measure the results of campaigns in real-time. It also helps in tracking website traffic. It has now become one of the widely used tools to analyse data on the internet.

1. From the admin panel, click on Customise Website.

2. On the following page, click on Add Ons.

3. From the displayed menu, click on Google Analytics.

4. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking code and click on Save.

Important Note
To know how to obtain the tracking code, click here.

1. Click on Customise Website from the Homepage.

2. Click on More and the following options will be displayed.

3. Click on Widget. You will receive the following options.

4. Select Google Analytics and the following screen will be displayed.

5. In the Link field, paste the Tracking Code of your Google Analytics account.

To know more about obtaining the link, click here

6. Click on Save.

Once applied, you will find that in the Widgets section, your Google Analytics account will have a green tick mark next to it, which means that the app is active on your website.

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