WhatsApp is a free application enabling us to communicate and stay connected to our close ones through our contact numbers. It is one of the most-used applications all over the world. You can share images, videos, documents, your location, audios, voice notes, make voice calls and video calls, add story updates, status and profile picture etc.

To make communication with your customers easier, you can add WhatsApp to your website.

1. From the admin panel, click on Customise Website.

2. On the following page, click on Add Ons.

3. From the displayed menu, click on WhatsApp.

4. Enter your WhatsApp mobile number and select the position where you want your WhatsApp icon to be displayed on your website. Once done, click on Save. Your WhatsApp account will get activated.

1. Click on Customise Website from the Homepage.

2. Click on More and the following options will be displayed.

3. Click on Widget. This will display the following slider on your screen.

4. Select WhatsApp and the following screen is displayed.

5. Enter your WhatsApp mobile number with the country code and select the position of the WhatsApp icon on your website.

6. Once done, click on Save button.

Once applied, you will find that in the Widgets section, your WhatsApp account will have a green tick mark next to it, which means that the app is active on your website.

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