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Wufoo is the fastest and easiest way to build online forms. Their intuitive features help you get your form up and running within minutes. No coding is required. Wufoo forms are completely customizable .

Using the Widget functionality from the Customize Website module, you can load forms that you have created on Wufoo directly on your webstore.

On the Wufoo website, once you have created and saved your form, the following modal opens up. Click on the Share this form option from the available options:

Screenshot (1915)

From the page that opens up, scroll down to the Embed your form section, and click on Copy Code as follows:

Screenshot (1916)

Once your code is copied, you can now head to your account, to add the created Wufoo form to your website.

1. From the admin panel, click on Customise Website.

2. On the following page, click on Add Ons.

3. From the displayed menu, click on Wufoo Form.

4. Paste the embed code provided by Wufoo form in the Embed Code field and click on Save.

Your custom form will be added to your website.

1. Click on Customise Website from the Homepage.

2. Click on More and the following options will be displayed.

3. Click on Widget. You will receive the following options.

4. Select Wufoo Form and the following screen will be displayed.

  • In case you do not know anything about Wufoo, you can click on the Learn more link, to read about Wufoo.
  • Incase you do not have an account yet with Wufoo, click on the Register with Wufoo link.

5. In the Embeded code field, paste the code that was copied from the Wufoo website.

6. Click on Apply to proceed.

Once all changes are saved, your Wufoo form will be added to your website.

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