Social Wall

A social wall is similar to a live or an aggregated feed of all your social media activities. It helps in engaging website visitors with your brand, thus creating more awareness about your products/services. This is like a free marketing tool for your online store, if used in the correct way, it can boost your online sales.

To use this feature, you need to enable the social wall.

1. Click on Customise Website from the main menu.

2. Click to More and toggle the Social Wall slider as ON.

The Social Wall functionality gets enabled.

3. To make Social Wall as the main page/homepage of your website, again click on More > Set Default Homepage.

4. A Set Default Homepage slider opens up. Select Social tab and click on Update.

Now, whenever a customer visits your website, they will see the social wall page as the default homepage.

Social Wall as Homepage

You can enable Social Wall as the homepage of your website via Set Default Homepage functionality through computer.

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