You can create and offer a fixed value, percentage, or shipping discount to your customers. You can also make it specific to your website or mobile application. You can set discounts on a specific product or any category.

Create New Discount / Coupon Code

You can create a new discount for your products with this options.

1. From the Admin panel, go to Marketing and click on Discount.

2. From the following page, click on Add New Discount.

3. From the slider that opens up, enter its discount name and value.

4. Choose the Maximum Discount Amount as Unlimited or Limited.

5. To create a Coupon, click on Add Coupon Code.

The following slider opens up, generate or type in a coupon name and click on Update.

The Coupon Code is generated.

What is Coupon Usage Limit and Limit Per Customer ?

It describes total number of times a coupon can be used for a particular discount. It basically depends on how many coupons are available with the vendor.

Where as Limit Per Customer describes on how many times a coupon can be used by a customer.

6. You can apply the discounts as per the options given below:

  • All Orders: Discounts are applicable on all kinds of orders.
  • Order Above: Discount is applied only if the order amount exceeds a certain value.
  • Specific Product: Discount is applied for certain kinds of items sold online.
  • Product Category: Discounts are applied for a certain range of categories.


7. Discounts can be applied either for all customers in general or for certain special customers.

8. Discount Duration enables us to set the start time for when a discount gets activated as well as the end time to close a certain discount.

9. Select the channel in which to want the discount to be made available.

Important Note
Discounts with Coupon Code are not applicable on Retail Store channel.

10. To finally create a discount, click on Save.

Important Note
Discount Name and Discount Value are the mandatory details while creating a discount.

11. The different tags present on a discount under duration are as follows:

  • Active: The discount is currently available while shopping
  • Scheduled:The discount will be made available at a certain amount of time in the future.
  • Paused: The active discount is temporarily halted.
  • Expired: The discount sale has closed down.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable. You can create discounts and coupon codes only through computer.

Update Discount Details

You can edit and update discount details with this option.

1. From the Admin panel, go to Marketing and click on Discount.

2. Click on any of the discount you want to update.

3. From the slider that opens up the details will be prefilled. Edit the details and click on Save.

The discounts get updated.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable. You can update discount details only through computer.

Delete Discount

This option allows you to delete discounts from your database.

1. From the Admin panel, go to Marketing and click on Discount.

2. To delete a particular discount, click on .
From the pop up window that opens up, click on Delete Discount to confirm the same.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable. You can delete discounts only through computer.
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