Update Orders

This module records each sale when it happens, so your inventory records are always up-to-date. It helps you manage your business and perform sales transactions. It automatically collects and stores data about customers and sales.

With this module you can add products, associate a customer, and add the payment. Once the order is created, changes will be automatically reflected on other modules such as inventory will be deducted accordingly, track will be kept of any pending payments for the order etc.

Update Orders

You can add and edit orders with this feature.

1. From the Homepage, click on Orders.

2. To view the orders received, go to All Orders.

The page consist of three tabs:

  • All: Displays all the orders that you have received in your store till date.
  • Online: Displays only orders that were received from your website or app.
  • Unlinked: Displays orders with unlinked products or batches.


The Orders page consist of six columns, they are as follows:

  • Delivery Date & Time: Displays the date and time by which the order has to be delivered to the customer in case of Home Delivery.
  • Order Date: Displays the date and time when the order was placed. It also displays the order number, and whether the order was placed from your website or your app.
  • Invoice date: Displays the date and time when the invoice was generated. It also displays the invoice number.
  • Customer: Displays the name and contact number of your customer.
  • Order Value: Displays the total amount of the order placed.
  • Payment Pending: Displays the total amount that is pending for the order (if any). It also displays the mode of payment for the order.
  • Due Date: This displays the total number of days by which payment is due along with the payment due date.

3. Click on the order that you want to edit and the following page is displayed.

4. To edit the order, click on Edit. It will redirect you to the Edit Order page.

5. Edit the required details and click on Save Changes.

6. Click on Add Order Note if you add additional details regarding the order.

7. To send order details to a customer by email, click on E-Invoice and click on Send.

8. To edit delivery schedule, click on Edit under Home Delivery Details.

An Edit Date and Time modal window appears. Edit the details and click on Save.

Printer Setup

Step 1.In the Detailed Order page, click on the drop-down next to the Print button and select Printer Setup option.

Step 2.Select the Printer Type and enter all the relevant details. Click on Save Details to updated the changes made.

Important Note

To find out the IPv4 address for your computer, press Windows icon + R on the keyboard . In the Open field, enter cmd and press the Enter key. In the window that opens, enter ipconfig and press the Enter key. From the displayed result, the selected address is your IPv4 address.#15

Important Note
If you're connecting your Printer for the 1st time, then after entering all the Printer Details, Unable to Communicate to Printer modal will open up. Click on Download button.
Once you've downloaded and installed the file, a pop up will be displayed on the screen "Certificate installed successfully. Restart your browser."
Restart your browser and login to your account. Your printer will now be connected.

9. There are three tabs provided in order to process the order. They are as follows:

  • Confirm and Bill: Enables you to bill an order placed by a customer.
  • Assign For Delivery: Enables you to deliver the goods through courier service, delivery boy or customer pickup.
  • Delivered: Enabled you to confirm that an order has been delivered.

How to refund payment to a customer ?

1. In case, a customer returns the goods back to the vendor, click on Return From Customer tab in order to refund the payment.

2. From the following page enter the details under the returned quantity and inventory action section.

Restock: This will add the returned items back to the inventory.
Damaged Goods: This will not add the returned items into the inventory.

Returned quantity cannot be more than available quantity.

3. On clicking Return From Customer, a Refund Payment modal window appears. Enter the Cancellation charges if applicable and click on Confirm Refund to receive the payment.

4. Select mode of payment.

5. Click on Complete Refund.

A Refund confirmation window gets displayed.

1. From the Homepage, tap on Orders.

From the following page, tap on View Orders.

2. View Orders page gets displayed. The details are as follows:

You can view the following details:
1. Customer’s detail.
2. Order Id and date.
3. Status of the order and mode of payment used.
4. Order amount.
5. Number of items in the order.

Searching, and Filtering


In case you want to search any specific order, you can search by using Order number, Invoice number, Customer name, Mobile number, or Customer ID.



You can filter the orders based on Order Delivery Time, Payment type, and Sales channel.

  1. Delivery Time: This option allows you filter the list of orders based on the delivery status, that is, Within 24 hours, Within 7 days, Within 30 days or Delivery delayed.
  2. Payment Type: This option allows you to filter the list of orders based on the Payment type. i.e COD, Credit, or Prepaid.
  3. Sales Channel: This option allows you to filter the list of products based on the channel through which order was placed. i.e website, Mobile site, App, or Billing.

3. Tap on the order that you wish to edit and the following page will be displayed.

  1. Date and time when order was created.
  2. Order Amount
  3. Status of the order and the payment mode used
  4. You can Confirm & Bill the order if you have all the ordered products in stock. Tap here to know more.
  5. You can Assign the order for delivery. Tap here to know more.
  6. You can mark the order as delivered if the products have been delivered to the customer successfully.
  7. You can send a payment link to the customer through which he can proceed with the online payment.
  8. You can contact the customer via Whatsapp. You can send the order details directly to the customer via WhatsApp, provided you already have customer’s mobile name that is registered on WhatsApp.
  9. Tapping on Contact Customer will display all the available contact details of that customer.
  10. Customer Details will display all the information related to the customer like address , contact number etc.
  11. Delivery Details  will display the expected delivery time, delivery address, delay time (if any).
  12. Ordered Product will display a list of all the items ordered along with the price and amount payable.
  13. Prescription Details will display an uploaded image or a file of a medical prescription.
  14. Payment Details displays the total amount payable and the amount paid.


4.To cancel the order, tap on , and the following options will be displayed.

5.On tapping Cancel Order, the following page gets displayed. Tap on Cancel and the order will be cancelled successfully.

6. Tap on Email Invoice to email an invoice to the customer.

You can also tap on SMS Invoice to message the invoice to your customer.

7.In case of unpaid orders, tap on Collect Payment.

From the following slider, select the mode of payment.

8. Select the required mode of payment and tap on Complete Order.

Exporting Orders

1. From the Homepage, click on Orders.

2. To view the orders received, go to All Orders.

The following page will be displayed.

3. Click on , and the following options provided are as follows.

  • Export: Enables sharing of order reports and details for analyzing purpose.
  • Export for Tally: Enables sharing of sales report.
  • Export-Import History: Enables you to keep track of various reports being shared in the past.


4. Click on Export and an Export Orders modal gets displayed with the following options:

  • Sales Order Summary: Generates a brief summary of all the orders in your database.
  • Sales Order Detailed: Generates a detailed summary of all the orders in your database.
  • Payments Pending: Generated a list of all orders which have pending payments.
  • Cancelled Orders: Generates a list of all orders which are cancelled.
  • Select Date Range: Generates a timeline from which you can export the list


The Maximum Date Range available to download orders and sales report at a time is of 92 days.

5. To export the reports, click on Export Orders.

6. An Export Import modal gets displayed along with the files. Click on Download file for sharing purposes.

Your Excel file will be downloaded successfully.

7. Click on Export for Tally and the following modal will be displayed. Select the date range and click on Export.

8. Click on Download file for sharing purposes or you can also click on Email Link for sharing the file link via email.

9. On clicking Email Link, you can add email addresses in order to share the file link. Click on Share Link to complete the process.

10. Click on Export-Import History and the list of files will be available for download.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable in mobile.
You can export orders only through web.
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