Product Type and Display Category

In case you have opted for Manual Categorization of products in General settings, you can choose in which category this product should be displayed on the online store.

Once the Product Type is selected, you also need to select a Display Category for the product.

Display Category : This field allows you to decide in which category the product should be displayed on your online store.

Step 1.
On clicking in the Product Type field, a list of all keywords related to the product are displayed as follows:

 Template Product
In case you had selected a template product, the Product Type field will be disabled for the product, and cannot be changed.

Step 2.
Click on the product type that is most appropriate from the list, for the product you are adding. The selected product type is added to page.

Step 3.
On selecting the Product Type field, the category for the product is automatically updated in the Display Category field.

Upon saving, this product will be displayed in the Ghee sub category, under the Dairy Products category.

In case a new category/sub-category was auto generated, the same will be created once the product is saved/added.

Step 4.
You can add Multiple Display Categories by clicking on Add Another Display Category button.

Step 5.
Select the required Display Category.

Important Note
You can add upto 5 Display Categories to a single product. If you Edit/Delete the Display Categories, adding atleast One Display Category is mandatory.
The product with Multiple Display categories will be shown in all the categories mentioned in the product on your webstore.

Changing the Display Category

In case you want to change the category/sub-category where the product should be displayed on the web store, you can do so from the Display Category drop-down.

This action displays a list of all categories existing in your system, with the current category selected in orange:

In case the required category/sub-category is not available, you can create a new category by clicking on the Add new Category button at the top.
In case you want to add a sub-category to an existing category, click on the  icon that appears on hovering your mouse on the category.

Scroll through the list of categories/sub-categories, and select the required category/sub-category from the list.

The new category will now be updated for the product.

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