Reset Accounts

This option works as the master reset for your account settings. Clicking on this option will reverse all the settings to default.

This feature should be used with caution, as changes caused by resetting account cannot be reversed.
The Reset Account feature will only be available to the Owner of the store. Even though a staff member has access/permission to the General settings, he/she will not be able to reset the account.

1. On clicking Reset Account , the following  confirmation modal will be displayed and click on Confirm Reset.

2. In the Confirm Reset modal, enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and click on Confirm OTP to reset the account.

Master Reset

This option will clear all data in your account, except:
  • General settings configured
  • Staff members created
  • Website and App theme settings
  • SMS usage till date
  • All outlets – accounts created
  • Taxes added into the system
All other entities created by you (such as Products, Suppliers, Customers, etc) will be deleted and cannot be retrieved once reset.

Once reset, you will be directed to the Home page.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable in mobile.
You can reset your account only through computer.
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Thank you for the feedback
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